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The Australian Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (AIPMM) was created for people and organisations that have the determination to improve their professional skills and performance. It served as the peak professional organisation fulfilling the needs of purchasing and materials management in Australia.

Troy Williams was appointed to the role of national Professional Development Manager and tasked with the responsibility of expanding AIPMM's training programs from fifteen to nearly one hundred. He strengthened the links with Central Queensland University and made several representations to state and federal governments concerning public sector procurement.

AIPMM published a bi-monthly magazine, Australian Purchasing and Supply, which
is sent to all members and through forums and special interest groups AIPMM
encourages the exchange of ideas and individual knowledge.
AIPMM has local committees across Australia who organise regional activities for
members and individuals working in the purchasing and materials management

AIPMM was wound-up in 2005 to facilitate its merger with the UK Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS).

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